Saturday, January 3, 2009

Winter Reading Challenge

So, I'll be late joining the Winter Reading Challenge, but I will join in anyway!

The Winter Reading Challenge runs from December 21st, 2008 through March 20, 2009.

The rules are easy:
The rules are very flexible:

1) Choose any number of books you would like to read and post them on your blog.

2) They can be fiction and/or nonfiction including e-books and audiobooks

3) They can overlap with other challenges.

4) Sign up on Mr. Linky. I'm still trying to figure out Mr. Linky so will let you guys post your links yourselves when you have your lists ready.

5) In a few days, I set up a link where you can post links to your book reviews

I will try to read 6 books (I have to write two term papers during the challenge time, after all):
1) Vicki Myron: Dewey
2) Oscar Wilde: A Woman Of No Importance
3) Marie Ferrarella: Protecting His Witness
4) Agatha Christie: The Mirror Crack'd From Side To Side
5) Patricia Davids: Military Daddy
6) Suzanne Brockmann: Prince Joe

Note: As I just couldn't get into Red Lilies, I swapped it for Protecting His Witness.


  1. Hi Kathrin

    Welcome to the Challenge. Better late than never. :) Red Lily is excellent. Hope you enjoy the conclusion to the series. I love her books.


  2. Hi Robin, thanks a lot! I'm already excited about Red Lilies, but first I will probably read Native Tongue - unless I decide to start both at the same time...

  3. Congratulations on meeting your challenge.

  4. Thanks so much, Smilingsal & Beth F! :-)

  5. Yeah Kathrin. Congratulations on meeting your goals. I loved prince Joe - and thoroughly enjoy all of brockmann's books. Just added Protecting his witness to my wishlist. Great reviews and thanks for joining in.


  6. Thanks so much, Robin!
    I think I have to get the book after Prince Joe. :-) And Protecting His Witness - just great, fun to read, IMHO, but keep in mind that it is also part of a series. Didn't matter much, though, for the storyline, I think.