Saturday, January 3, 2009

Alphabet Challenge and Book-A-Week Challenge

I can't believe I've been doing these two challenges for years by now and I forgot to post about them here...

Both the Alphabet Challenge and the Book-A-Week Challenge are challenges offered by Yahoo groups (see links) and I've done them for the last few years already. So, why could I forget to post about them?

Well, for the Alphabet Challenge, my list will follow as I go along reading.
So far my "missing letters" are:
by author: 7/24
by title: 2/24
Alderman, Naomi: Disobedience
Brockmann: Prince Joe
Cabot, Meg: Jinx
Davids, Patricia: Military Daddy
Eisner, Will: The Spirit
Ferrarella, Marie: Protecting His Witness
Gerritsen, Tess: The Mephisto Club
Higuchi, Tachibana: Alice Academy Vol. 4-7
Inoue, Yasushi: Memoirs of the Priest Honkaku
James, Julie: Just the Sexiest Man Alive
Kelly, Leslie: Slow Hands
Lovelave, Merline: Devlin And The Deep Blue Sea
Myron, Vicki: Dewey
Orwig, Sara: Wyoming Marriage
Park, Eun-Ah: Sweet & Sensitive 4 & 5
Reufsteck, M./Stoeckle, J.: Die kleine House-Apotheke
Singh, Nalini: Slave To Sensation
Wilde, Oscar: A Woman Of No Importance
Yamashita, Karen Tei: Tropic of Orange

American Born Chinese: Gene Luen Yang
Bought: One Night, One Marriage: Natalie Anderson
City of Bones: Cassandra Clare
Dewey: Vicki Myron
Exit Wounds: Rutu Modan
Flashback: Jill Shalvis
Glass Houses: Rachel Caine
Heating Up The Holidays: Jill Shalvis/Jacquie D’Alessandro/Jamie Sobrato
Idlewild: Nick Sagan
Jinx: Meg Cabot
Kleine House-Apotheke, Die: M. Reufsteck/J. Stoeckle
Leopardenblut (Slave To Sensation): Nalini Singh
Military Daddy: Patricia Davids
Not-So-Perfect Past, A: Beth Andrews
Protecting His Witness: Marie Ferrarella
Question of Intent, A: Merline Lovelace
Road, The: Cormac McCarthy
Schmitz' Katze: Ralf Schmitz
Thornthwaite Inheritance, The: Gareth P. Jones
Ungehorsam (Disobedience): Naomi Alderman
Visions of Heat: Nalini Singh
Woman Of No Importance, A: Oscar Wilde
Yule Be Mine: Jennifer LaBrecque
Zeit gewinnen mit dem inneren Schweinehund: M. von M√ľnchhausen

For the Book-A-Week Challenge:
A complete list of my finished books can be found here. I finished it!

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