Thursday, January 29, 2009

Suzanne Brockmann: PRINCE JOE

Suzanne Brockmann
248 pages
ISBN: 0-373-07720-3

In Prince Joe, the first installment of the Tall, Dark & Dangerous books, Suzanne Brockmann introduced Lieutenant Joe Catalanotto. His task is to impersonate Prince Tedric of Ustanzia, when terrorists try to kill the prince, while he is in the Unites States. In order to teach this Navy SEAL the necessary things to excel, the government hires Veronica St. John, the prince’s media consultant. Little did she know, what a task she was taking on. Joe Catalanotto seemed everything but prince material and he mocks her all the time. But she is not only fighting his arrogant behavior – she also had to fight her attraction to him...
With Joe Catalanotto, Suzanne Brockmann created a wonderful character who sounds every bit as georgeous as he is supposed to be. Unfortunately, though, the book’s cover (the one I have right in front of me) is one of the ugliest I’ve seen. It is probably only topped by another of the covers for Brockmann’s Tall, Dark & Dangerous, the one for XXX (check the author’s site here for the picture!). But this shouldn’t distract the reader too much, because while reading the book, Brockmann gives a wonderful picture of Joe and Veronica.
The two main characters seem opposites in most parts. While she got the best education possible, he lived in the suburbs of New York and joined the Navy as soon as he turned 18. She is just getting her business started, while he is now a Navy SEAL and leads his own team of Navy SEALs, the Alpha Squad. While she is all business, he is enjoying his time and seems to worry about nothing. But once one catches a glimpse “behind the scenes”, they become much more similar. Joe is very intelligent, speaking eight languages, and actually knowing very well how much time to relax he can allow himself in order to do the best job. And Veronica might seem all business, but looking closer one sees that she also enjoys what she is doing. She laughs a lot, if only on the inside as it wouldn’t help her job in the least and she is also passionate.
Brockmann starts the serie off with a wonderful book that is not only intriguing and thrilling but also sweet. Yes, sweet! Watching the characters develop feelings for each other and their struggles with their different living situations along with all the misunderstandings.
Throughout the book, she also introduces some of the other members of Joe’s Navy SEAL team, whom the reader will meet again in the other books.

Rating: 4/5

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