Thursday, May 1, 2008

possible reading list

Well, I've had some time to think about which books I want to read for the two new challenges I joined and made a (not yet final?) decision.

For the Chick Lit Challenge I want to read:
Camy Tang: Sushi For One?
Sophie Kinsella: The Undomestic Goddess or Shopaholic & Baby
Kate White: If Looks Could Kill
Rachel Gibson: Tangled Up In You
Susan Elizabeth Phillips: Dream A Little Dream or Natural Born Charmer

For the Medical Mystery Challenge I want to read:
Robin Cook: Virus
Tess Gerritsen: Vanish
Tess Gerritsen: Harvest or Life Support

Medical Mystery Challenge

Well, I can't resist, I have another new challenge that I joined. It's again one of Debi's: the Medical Mystery Challenge!

My picks for this challenge will be posted in a few days at the latest!

new challenge

There I go... I wanted to limit myself to 3 challenges this year - mostly because I know myself and I know that I can't read so many books besides those I have to read for university, but how could I say no to the Chick Lit Challenge Debi will be hosting?!?

I am not yet sure which books exactly I will be reading, but I already have two or three authors I intend to read:
Rachel Gibson, Jennifer Weiner and (maybe) Sophie Kinsella
Everything else is still open, but I hope to decide on the titles I want to read within the next few days :)

Series Challenge Season 2 - possible reads

Well, it took me a bit to compile my list of books I might read for the 2nd season of the Series Challenge. I had to first update my Excel spreadsheet to see what series I have going and how far I am with them. After all, I wouldn't want to plan to read 3 series with over 10 unread books each ;-)

So, I have made a first list of series I would like to finish for this season. Of course, as we have one month before the challenge starts, I might finish up one or tow of these series, so it's not yet my final list...

I plan to read:

India Ink: Bath & Body (1 left)
Victoria Laurie: Abby Cooper, Private Eye (1 left)
Victoria Laurie: M.J. Holliday (1 left)
Susan Conant & Jessica Conant Park: Chloe Carter (2 left)
Tess Gerritsen: Maura Isles & Jane Rizzoli (2 left)
Minami Ozaki: Zetsuai (2 left)
Emilie Richards: Aggie Sloan Wilcox (2 left)
P.J. Tracy: Monkeewrench (2 left)
Meg Cabot: The Princess Diaries (3 left)