Thursday, May 1, 2008

possible reading list

Well, I've had some time to think about which books I want to read for the two new challenges I joined and made a (not yet final?) decision.

For the Chick Lit Challenge I want to read:
Camy Tang: Sushi For One?
Sophie Kinsella: The Undomestic Goddess or Shopaholic & Baby
Kate White: If Looks Could Kill
Rachel Gibson: Tangled Up In You
Susan Elizabeth Phillips: Dream A Little Dream or Natural Born Charmer

For the Medical Mystery Challenge I want to read:
Robin Cook: Virus
Tess Gerritsen: Vanish
Tess Gerritsen: Harvest or Life Support

1 comment:

  1. Great choices! I just finished Sushi for One? and it was great! I also really like Sophie Kinsella's books.
    And both Vanish and Harvest by Gerritsen were really good! Hope you enjoy!