Friday, January 30, 2009

What's On Your Nightstand?

At 5 Minutes For Books you can find another wonderful regular event: What's on your nightstand?

So, this is how it works:

* Write a post on your own blog (or leave us a comment here if you're blogless) and tell us a little about what is on your nightstand.
* You could give a mini-review of a book that you're currently reading or just recently finished.
* You can also use it as a goal-setting exercise. Which books do you plan to read this month.
* As always, if you want to share the hows and whys of what you're reading or how it came to be on your nightstand, feel free. We love details!
* Please link back to this page (or our main page) in your post so that your readers can find out more about the carnival.

My "nightstand" actually is the window sill, a small table on which I usually keep post-its, pencils and some technical gadgets along with all the things I need to prepare some tea, and a rocking chair...
I always have some sort of magazine on the rocking chair and on the window sill. Today, I believe, it's a Cosmopolitan on the rocking chair, nothing on the window sill.
Then I have Agatha Christie's They Do It With Mirrors on the table. Once I get to bed tonight, I will add a not yet determined book on the rocking chair. On the window sill, you can find two romance novels: Merline Lovelace's A Question of Intent and Charlotte Douglas's Mystique...
The romance novels got to me when I got four of them through ebay, I just love Agatha Christie's novels and every now and then I read the Cosmo...
I haven't started either of the romance novels yet, but I hope to read one of them next week and keep the other for the week after. That's why I prefer to keep them close. For later today, I have yet to make up my mind because I got a nice stack of books today - well, they all arrived during the week, but I usually don't get to open them before Friday... I might just pick one of those.
It doesn't sound like much, but I also have to read quite some books for the papers I have due in March (three, to be exact), so I'll be busy reading lots and lots for them!

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  1. Hello Kathrin
    When you've read the Agatha Christie, if you write about it, be sure to submit it to the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival
    Next issue is due on Feb 23
    See for details