Friday, January 9, 2009

Series Challenge Season 3

So, I haven't blogged in months, I'm afraid. Sorry about that, but life kept me busy until about two weeks ago.

Anyways, I will be hosting the 3rd season of the Series Challenge. The past two challenges, I never managed to finish all the series I had planned to read, so I hope I'll have more luck this time around.

I still have many, many series to read, so it'll be a tough decision I won't make tonight.
This time around, the challenge will take an entire year to give everyone a better chance to finish up the series and to make it easier to keep track of when the challenge starts and ends.

The challenge starts December 1st, 2008 and goes until November 30th, 2009.

The rules are easy:

1) Pick a couple series you already started and now want to finish (meaning, you'll be all up to date with the series when it ends).

2) Read at least 4 books, more are also okay, of course!

3) Post your review of the books on your blog or in the comment section, no matter how long. If you post the review on your blog, please post a link to the review in the comment section so that everyone else can check out your review.

4) Have fun!

Please post a link to your reviews here and I'll add it to the link list!

As Mr. Linky has given up on me for some reason, here's the list of participants as far as I could reconstruct it. If you don't find your name on the list, please leave a comment and I'll add you!

The participants are:
1) Kathrin
2) kim in ohio-25
3) Ms. Bookish
4) Diane (bookinhand)
5) Kailana
6) Jenny
7) Sam
8) Laza
9) Lauren
10) Sue (Books, Books, magical)
11) Lindy
12) Violette
13) J. Kaye's Book Blog
14) Samantha"
15) Mytwoblessings
16) Kucki68
17) Christina (Babbling Book Reviews)
18) Kris (not enough books)
19) Kelly
20) Shonda
21) Kristi (Books and Needlepoint)
22) Sherrie
23) emmegail
24) (Judy) Intergalactic Bookworm
25) Lissa
26) Yvonne (Socrates' Book Reviews)
27) Judy (Intergalactic Bookworm)
28) DeSeRt RoSe
29) phamie
30) drey
31) Kara
32) Nessa
33) Lisa L
34) Rakisha
35) alisonwonderland
36) bigorangemichael
37) Kisha
38) Audra
39) Jaye
49) rickandlena
50) Rasberrywrlgirl


  1. This sounds fun. I'm working on a perpetual series challenge but this will help me move it along.

    I want to finish J.A. Jance Joanna Brady series. I'm only on #7.

    I would also like to finish Harry Potter series. I am ready to start #4.

  2. Great have several series I'd like to read

  3. I do like this challenge, but i sure hate to write reviews. No blog of course, so I will post here. Lindy

  4. I found a couple of new authors in 2008 that I liked so I will be choosing among them for this challenge. Tess Gerritsen is one of them.

  5. I am definitely in for this one. We don't have to decide our books ahead of time, do we? Either way, I'll give it some thought.

  6. I posted which two series I am going to try for on my blog:

  7. I'm in! I posted a list of the books/series I would like to try and catch up on with this challenge...let's hope I do well!

  8. Hi!
    Would love to do this challenge. I have started the ABC series by Sue Grafton. Would like to finish it this year. Thanks.


  9. I am finished and since I have to write reviews whicdh I don't enjoy doing, I will only read the requried 4. Dong' have a blog and want to get onto my 2009 challenges.

    1. Patterson, James Cross Country
    Alex cross goes after a serial killer called the Tiger who has been operating in both this country and Africa. The Tiger kills Alex's girfriend from college and her entire family. This is when the nvel stops being pretty and because sick .He flies to Nigeria, and then goes to Sierra Leon and tells us of he atrocities being committed there.

    2. MacDonald, John D he Long hLavendar Look When a young lady steps in front of McGee's car, he lands in a swamp.While trying to get back to civilizationhe finds himself and his friend Meyer shot at. Arriving in civilization he gets the go to jail card. Now there is no choice but to solver the mystery.

    3. Clark, Mary Jane Do You Promise Not to Tell?
    Farrell Slater, the producer of the New York-based news show KEY Evening Headlines is about to get fired and she has to come up iwth a big story to hopefully save her job. She has a dull assignment to cover the auction of the famed Faberg? Moon Egg, lost for decades following the Russian Revolution and now mysteriously rediscovered. Will this be what saves her?

    4. Cornwell, Patricia Scarpetta Cornwell only gets worse with each book she writes. The plot is slow, there are more than 100 unneeded pages. Scarpate moves from Charleston to NYC where she has to examine a man who might have killed his girlfriend. He wants Scarpetta to interview him and he has a bizarre story to offer. He claims the killer is stalking him. The stalker knows where he is at all times. This is a turning point in the series. All of Scarpetta colleagues have shown up for this one. Lucy looks to be hooking up with Berger. Marino has gotten sober and is giving up on Scarpetta. Scarpetta has married Bentley.

  10. I have a few series going and one that would be impossible to finish is all of the Doctor Who books I own! But I have a few that I fell will qualify for this challenge.

  11. This sounds like fun. I have so much trouble finishing series on my own (always something new to read) =D Thanks for hosting...

  12. I forgot that I already signed up for this challenge. Remove the 2nd time that I signed up for it. Are you the same Kathrin P from ARMies?


  13. Hi!
    I have finished my first book of the series challenge. It is posted on my blog here:

    If that doesn't work here is another link to my post:


  14. Can I still sign up for this challenge? I have a million series that I want to read.

  15. I would like to finish the Sookie Stackhouse series :)

  16. Im very excited to participate in the challenges

  17. I'm in, but won't start till January, since it's almost '09 anyway. I'm going to read Karen Miller's Godspeaker & Karen Marie Moning's Fever books.

    Reviews aren't my thing, but I was going to give it a shot in '09 anyway, so please do comment on them when I get started. =) Thanks for hosting!

  18. I have a lot of series I hope to read this year. Do rereads count for this challenge?

  19. I plan on finishing up the Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn. I like the In Death series by J.D. Robb, but don't think I can finish that up in one year (not with all the other challenges I signed up for, lol).

  20. Hello,

    Finished a book for this challenge - Watcher in the Woods (2nd book in Dreamhouse Kings series by Robert Liparulo) - Find my review here:

  21. hi, kathrin! i'm going to give this challenge another try; my initial post is here.

  22. @ Jenny: I'll be curious to read your thoughts on the Joanna Brady books! I only know the Alison Reynolds series by J.A. Jance and I absolutely love it! Don't want to start any other series before I have at least finished a couple ones of those I'm currently working on... And enjoy Harry Potter!

    @ Sue Fitz: Have fun reading the series book and let us know what you think, yes?

    @ Lindy: Feel free to just add your thoughts as a comment. It doesn't have to be a real review, just a couple lines whether you liked it! No worries, I am also rather bad at riting reviews - though I'm trying to get better!

  23. @ Violette: I just love Gerritsen's books.

    @ J. Kaye: No need to figure out your books for the challenge early. I'm bad at sticking to lists, therefore go ahead and read what you like. If you make a list and change it later on, that's also okay :)

    @ Kucki68: You chose two series I enjoy a lot - but I'm not far enough in to have a realistic chance to finish one of them... :)

    @ Kris: Wow, you have a huge list there! Have fun crossing them off :)

  24. @ Sherrie: Enjoy the Alphabet Series :) How far into the series are you?

    @ Lindy: Considering that you don't like reviews at all, I love your blurbs! And wow, you already finished that challenge? That's absolutely awesome!!!

    @ Judy: Well, just pick one or two series that you know you can finish. I know how it is with series. I have about 60-70 series going right now - it's impossible to finish them all, a few of the series alone would be difficult to finish within a year...

  25. @ Lissa: I'm also having a hard time finishing series on my own, so I created this challenge. So far, I haven't finished a challenge myself, but I've finished a series or two, which, IMHO, is a step ahead...

    @ Yvonne: Glad you're in!

    @ Lisalit: Sure you can still sign up! I think I'll leave sign ups open for a while longer. After all, as long as someone finishes a series within the time frame, that still fulfills the challenge requirements.

  26. @ DeSeRt RoSe: Oh, I'll be curious to read what you think about the Sookie Stackhouse books!

    @ Paula: I'm also very excited about all the challenges. No wonder I signed up for so many LOL

    @ drey: I don't know the series you're reading, but I'll definitely read your reviews! One of my teachers at university said to keep in mind what one expected of the book before reading it, when you're writing a review. Maybe that helps you for the first reviews?

    @ Lisalit: I never excluded re-reads, so feel free to decided that for yourself!

  27. @ Keesh: I just bought my first Mitch Rapp book (Transfer Of Power, I believe) a few weeks ago. Maybe we can get a separate challege for the In Death series? A perpetual one, to give us enough time to finish it. Let me know what you think!

    @ Kristi: Wow, two books in the challenge already? Congrats! :) I have to admit,I haven't even started my first book for this challenge... *sigh*

  28. @ alisonwonderland: I'll add you right away :)

  29. @ bigorangemichael: Welcome to the challenge! I'll add you right away :)

  30. Forgive me if this shows up multiple times. Since I have a self hosted wordpress, it's not letting me do the wordpress option for comment as, and now I'm trying google since I realized I wasn't logged in oops. Signing up, and hoping this works finally.

  31. @ Kisha: Welcome to the Series Challenge :) Your post showed up only once, so no worries! And I already added you to the participants.

  32. What a great motivator to finish those series I've been ignoring, but wanting to read. :) I hope I'm not too late. Here is my page for the challenge, and I'll add the book titles soon. :)

  33. Hi! I'd love to join this challenge even if I'm late, is that okay?
    Here's my challenge page:

  34. Here's my link to Dicey's Song:

  35. @ Audra: There's no "too late", so welcome! As long as you think you can complete a series, you can join :)

    @ Jaye: Sure you can still join in! Glad you're in!

    @ Kelly: I'll create an extra post for the reviews and will add your link right away :)

  36. I have finished all of my series, but would like to start a new one (Women's Murder Club).

  37. @ rickandlenamedina: Sure, go ahead :)

  38. Please add me!

  39. @ Rasberrywrlgirl: Welcome to the challenge!

  40. Sherrie, feel free to add another series :-) I think I added all links now to the post!

  41. Here is the link to the 3rd book in the series I am working on:

  42. Hi!
    I have finished this reading challenge. You can see my wrap up of this challenge here: Just Books.


  43. I just finished another book in the Cedar Cove series by Debbie Macomber. My review is here

  44. Yvonne, I added your link to the review list :-)

  45. I just finished this challenge :)

  46. Yvonne, I added your link to the list.