Saturday, January 10, 2009

16 Random Things About Me

Marlyn (a fellow DLer) from Stuff and Nonsense posted this meme and, although she didn't tag anyone, left it up to everyone seeing it, to do it and let her know. I've been reading Marlyn's blog for a while now and I've always enjoyed it!

So, 16 things you don't know about me...

1) I'm currently learning two more languages which will hopefully leave me at 5 languages some time in the future: German (my mothertongue), English, French, Italian, Chinese

2) I like football and (here's the one thanks to my ex) I know the basic rules

3) I have more allergies than some people have friends

4) I prefer to watch movies in the original - no translations for me, please, if possible

5) I've never been in love

6) I've never traveled outside of Europe

7) I like playing games, but for some reason, we only play them when my uncle and his family visit us

8) I enjoy martial arts, but I can't arrange my schedule so that I can continue training *sigh*

9) My room keeps looking messy because of all the books that don't fit on my shelves

10) I hate fish, but I love sushi (go figure!)

11) My passport clearly states I'm German

12) My grandma was the midwife when I was born (same goes for my brother's birth)

13) I'm my grandparents' only granddaughter, my Mom already was her parents' only daughter - I have one brother and two (male) cousins and my Mom has two brothers

14) I've never been a cat person until we found a bunch of kitten in our garden, abandoned by their mother - now Karlheinz and Sano Izumi are the best animals I could dream of!

15) I can't buy any book by Tess Gerritsen in English without my Mom being mad at me - we both love her books a lot! - so I have to wait for German translations

16) Three of Grandma's sisters and one niece moved to the USA for love

Phew, I made the 16, but it was hard, really, really hard!
And as I always have a hard time tagging people (I usually feel I forgot someone or tag someone who doesn't like it as much as I do): If you like the meme, feel tagged!


  1. Great list! It's hard coming up with 16 items, isn't it?
    And thank you so much for following my blog!

  2. Great list! I have enjoyed learning a little more about you. I enjoy reading your reviews here on your blog. :)

  3. @ Marlyn: It was indeed hard to come up with 16. I wanted to leave out anything book-related, as my blog already is so obviously about books, but it would have taken me far too long to come up with 16 then LOL

    @ Rebecca: Thanks :) It's always a pleasure to hear someone is actually reading my reviews. Feel free to feel tagged with this meme, if you want :) Then I could learn a bit more about you as well...