Saturday, January 3, 2009

Really Old Classics Challenge

Considering that I'm by now a lot more comfortable with "regular" classics, why not Really Old Classics?

The Rules

1. Choose how many Really Old Classics you’d like to read by the end of July 2009, from 1 to 100.
2. Read that number of Really Old Classics by the end of July 2009. If you finish, pat yourself on the back.

So, I will try to read 2 of the following classics from the pre-1600s:
1) Dante Alighieri: The Divine Comedy
2) Geoffrey Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
3) The Niebelungenlied
4) ???
5) ???


  1. Great selections! I don't know anything about the Niebelungenlied. But I certainly want to Canterbury Tales and Divine Comedy some day!

  2. Thanks, Rebecca! I picked the Niebelungenlied because I'm in Germany and I keep wanting to read it to get all the facts. I once read a summary, but never the whole thing...