Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Tuesday, where are you?

This weekly event is hosted by raidergirl3, and the rules are simple:
Where is reading taking you today? Make a post, leave a comment, spread the word.

So, for some part of my day I'm somewhere in the United States trying to figure out how to make a Navy SEAL act like some prince from a European country. It's really difficult and he's not easy to work with, that I can tell you!
And then, I spend part of my day in St. Mary Mead where a film crew took our entire town hostage. And my job is it to find out who killed one of the local women...
As if this wasn't enough already, I'm spending some time in non-fiction country, where I'm learning more about Judaism.
Phew, I'm absolutely sure I'll need a holiday resort after I'm done!


  1. You will need that vacation! A lot to keep track of.

  2. Thanks, Beth, and you're sooo right!
    We'll see where I'll go - especially cause I slipped in a short visit to Iran right after teaching the Navy SEAL to act like said prince. I have to check my bookshelves later today to find some cozy vacation spot.