Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mailbox weekend

Now look what found its way into my mail box last week!

Julia Hoban's Willow is just out and I have it already. I hope to read it soon, as the premise of the story sounds interesting.

In a rainy March night, Willow was driving home with her parents in the car. While Willow survives, her parents died and nothing will ever be the same again. To her new classmates she is the killer orphan girl and her brother barely speaks to her. Willow tries to cope with the pain and the tragedy by hurting herself, but no one seems to realize how she feels. Only when one sensitive boy discovers her secret, Willows seemingly safe world turns upside down.

I usually take part in the Mailbox Monday hosted by Marcia, but this last week was crazy and so I didn't find the time to post it.


  1. I haven't heard of this one, so I'm looking forward to your thoughts. Happy reading!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  2. Anna, I heard about this one at one of the blogs I'm reading. I think the plot sounds just great, so I had to get it, despite it being a hardcover...