Saturday, April 18, 2009


Eun-Ah Park
200 pages
ISBN: 978-3-86580-114-5

With this 4th installment of Sweet & Sensitive, Eun-Ah Park brings us back to Seoul, South Korea. We once again meee Ee-Ji Bae, her first love Han-Kyul Kang, her best friend Do-Kyung Moon, and Han-Kyul's best friend Sae-Ryun Shin.

Ee-Ji Bae has been in love with Han-Kyul ever since she first met him in elementary school, but he moved soon after that and they didn't meet again until high school. After some misunderstandings and other things, Ee-Ji and Han-Kyul are finally a couple, but why is Ee-Ji all of a sudden so confused when she hears that Sae-Ryun has been suspended from school for beating a boy who asked her out on a blind date? After all, Sae-Ryun and Ee-Ji are always argueing.

When Ee-Ji realizes Sae-Ryun won't know what will be the topics of the half-term exams, she goes to his house to give him the paper with the necessary information. Only, they get into a new argument and end up betting. The one who is better in the exams will have one wish granted from the other...

Rating: 4/5

And a special for the Read-A-Thon:
listening to Love Changes Everything from one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals and then Private Hearts by NewS (Japanese pop music)