Saturday, April 18, 2009

At the end of the 15th hour...

Okay, for the past hour my eye lids have been falling down pretty much every minute. I think I'll forget trying to stay awake for 24 hours straight and do the reasonable thing. I'll sleep for an hour and then come back to read soeme more. I'll still read most of the 24 hours anyway. Work and the term paper on Monday are important. I need to be at least somewhet awake then. I won't be any use at all in a semi-coma!

Books read so far: 2

Pages Read so far: 625

Current book: The Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen (page 277 of 413)

Current song: With Me by NewS and Bu De Bu Ai by Pan Wil Bo


  1. Reading books can easily give way to the tempting world of reading blogs. I concur. I must return to the books.

  2. Take a nap if you need it. I just took one for a bit and feel a lot better. Granted, I'm not reading, just cheering on blogs, but that takes some effort too :)

    Good luck with the rest of the Read-a-Thon!

  3. Sleep is always a good thing! I feel like I have commented on this post, already... The posts are starting to run together, I think!

  4. Yes, catch some sleep! Work and term paper are incredibly important! (And if you sleep more than you planned, remember your body probably needed it!)

    Sweet dreams!

  5. Thanks so much, everyone! If I had known that coming back from the nap I would find a computer on strike, I probably wouldn't have slept, but now I'm pretty much awake still, so the nap helped. The Read-A-Thon is over, but I still have a couple things to do, after all :-)

    Deb: I'll check out your blog later today. I hope you had as much fun reading as I had, if not more!

    Kailana: I sure did! And don't worry about the two comments, I actually liked them both :-)

    Kim: I think cheering is in a way even harder. You have to browse all the blog entries we readers send out with just a few seconds of writing. You, on the other hand, are traveling from blog to blog reading them all! I'm not sure I'd be good at cheering.

    Dar: Thanks, I was also really glad. If I hadn't taken the nap break, I think I would have hit the 1,000. But close to 700 is something, I think.

    Linda: I did in fact get back up refreshed, thanks :-)

    Vasilly: Thanks a lot :-) I didn't even hear my cats clear my table and my desk. Oops! Gotta clean that up later.

    Shanra: Thanks! I slept only a little bit longer than planned, so that was okay. Now I should get back to the term paper, but somehow... Comments first, while drinking some more green tea, and then back to the paper. It's the better way.