Sunday, April 5, 2009

How do *you* decide what to read next?

I found this post at J. Kaye's blog, and she apparently found another post on the same topic at Becky Workman's blog.

It appears Becky's TBR pile is getting out of hand (whose isn't?) and she wondered how everyone else was deciding what to read next. Now, I already read J. Kaye's answers and I liked them. To some part they even fit in with mine.

I separete my read from my unread books and my unread books are separated into those for challenges and "the others". My unread books are on shelves at my parents' and at my place and between those two places I also divided my challenge books. I have an extra shelf at my place and an extra shelf plus a carton at my parents'. That way I can at least pretend to have my books under control!

All in all, my Mt. TBR contains over 300 books and I'm not proud. I once was at about 200 books and decided to work my way through the books until I had only 150 books left - and I actually succeeded. But then, one day, I stopped paying attention to Mt. TBR and it got completely out of hand!

For this year, I joined an incredibly big number of reading challenges, so my next read usually falls into one of the following categories:

~ books for challenges: These are the books I put down to read for challenges. The list is long, but I'm determined to finish it.

~ audiobooks: I can sometimes listen to audiobooks at work, and I have to use the public transport system and trains frequently. For me it is a nice change to just look out of the windows while I'm listening to a good story.

~ books for university: As I'm studying literature, languages and comparative religion, I usually have a big bunch of books to read.

~ fun reads: When I can't concentrate on any of the other books I should actually read first I grab a book from Mt. TBR that just really attracts me.


  1. I really like dividing out the reads like this. I hope it helps you tackle your TBR pile!

  2. Thanks, J. Kaye! I also hope it will help me :-)

  3. I am trying very hard to stick to mostly challenge books. I will throw in a different book now and again (and even switch a book out on a challenge) if it is really beckoning me to read it or if it is an Advanced Reader Copy.

  4. Rebecca, I also try to stick to challenge books. I have about 100 books for them, after all! LOL But I also read a bit for my group reads and some ARCs.
    So far it doesn't look good, though, because I've had two rather slow months. Maybe my reading will pick up again once university starts - all those boring classes are wonderful to read ;-)