Sunday, April 19, 2009

The 22nd hour

Now that my computer finally let me back in after some dreadful hours (what happened to my nap?), I can finally update again, so off to the Read-A-Thon page and there we go.
Okay, a limerick it is...

There she came
Back from a nap
When she saw the lap
Had decided to lag.
But back to the books,
There are some great hooks!

No, really!


  1. Impressive poem after being up 22 hours!

    Two hours to go ....

  2. You can do it! hip hip hooray!!

  3. I tried for a books and hooks rhyme, but couldn't make anything work. Glad to see somebody else could!

  4. I love it! You're doing great!! :-)

  5. Thanks Dawn, Care, Dreambee and Melissa!
    I wasn't sure the Books and Hooks rhyme would work. Glad it does!