Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, I'm not good with limericks, so I had a chance to browse Dewey's blog again for Eva's mini-challenge. I didn't know here, which I think is really sad. I discovered her blog shortly after she passed away. In the past I've been reading on her blog, though.

What surprises me still is that one of my favorite posts so far is one of the last ones she wrote. I'm talking about her Sunday Salon post about double copies.

I think what made me jump at this post today (don't remember what it was in the first place) was that it so much describes the bookaholic. If you love books, getting double copies happens. You read about great books on other people's blogs, see them in book shops, etc. and you decide that you want to have this copy. Now, usually our Mt. TBR is too big to check it every time we hear about a great book.

I haven't kept proper track of my books for about a year and just recently I reorganized my Mt. TBR after getting new shelves (thanks again so much, Dad!). I came across three books of which I had double copies. Luckily, two of those wereGerman, so I just gave my Mom the second copy for her bookshelves *evilgrin*. And the third? That's for you to see soon. I can tell you, though, that it's by one of my Top 10 authors and I'll give it away soon to someone here on my blog.

And somehow this post wouldn't feel complete if I wouldn't include her post about The Little Prince. My Mom had this book on her shelves as long as I can think, and I never got around to reading it, but when I discovered Dewey's post on it earlier this year, I decided to put it on my must-read-in 2009 list. I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I know I will.

I never knew why everyone was so excited about this book until I read Dewey's post. Now I can't wait to read it! I can only imagine how many other people had a similar reaction to her posts. This thought actually makes me ever sadder, because Dewey can't tell us about other awesome books we should read anymore. Maybe that is something we other book bloggers should try to do: Get other people to read the great books in her name!

Current song: Love Is A Mutt From Hell by Wheatus (Remember that group? Haven't heard about them since I was in school...)

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