Friday, April 3, 2009

BIP #2 - My Conclusion

Well, after some pondering and some helpful weigh-ins from Beth F, Jodie, Francesca (Scribaccina) and Kim (sophisticateddorkiness), I made up my mind about what I am going to add as a a regular feature here at the Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic.

After some brainstorming I came up with three separate ideas. Since you can find the long version here, I'll re-post a concise version:

  • features about book series and their authors
  • general stuff on reading
  • a regular feature on religion and literature

  • I do write about regular stuff on reading every now and then anyway, so why make it a regular? Of course, it would be the easiest way to find some themes regularly, but no. Not really...

    In the end, I think alternating between the blog posts on series and posts on religion and literature is the best way. I want to try this, because I actually like both ideas and I couldn't make up my mind. With the alternating themes I will have enough time to research the different religions and find some stuff about the series I'll write about.

    I will start out with a bit on series this month, because I already have something in mind, and then, in May, I will post about religion and literature. So it would be great if you came back here to check out what blog posts I have for you!


    1. I'm looking forward to your posts on series!

    2. Thanks Kris :-) Hope you'll like them!

    3. Yay looking forward to posts on religion in literature - I think it's been such a major influence on so many writers (positive and negative).

    4. Glad to hear, Jodie! I plan to do the first religion in literature piece in May. That way I have some time to compile more information and read a bit.