Saturday, January 20, 2007

Susan Sussman with Sarajane Avidon - Audition for Murder

Audition for Murder
Sussman's 15th book & Avidon's 1st book
1st book featuring Morgan Taylor, a struggling actress
250 pages
Worldwide Mystery

Leave it to a diva like the aging and taciturn Lily London to steak the show by dying during strugglingactress Morgan Taylor's audition. Okay, so being upstaged by a corpse has its berks - at least she might get a callback. But Morgan isn't quite as confident when she finds out how Lily was murdered

Sure, Lily was supposed to audition with Morgan who had jokingly left a message threatening to kill Lily if she was late, but really, she'd never be that desperate for work. She hoped. Then another corpse takes center stage, and things are getting... dramatic, especially when a killer decides it's time to make Morgan's next curtain call her last.

This is my first book for the 2007 TBR challenge and I hope I picked a good one for a starter. The book has been on my shelves for at least a year now, more likely 2, and I think it really is time for me to read it.

First sentence (more like paragraph, this time):
"It is a small theft. What harm, after all, in one purloined piece of fruit?"


  1. Hey there fellow Bookworm mod, I didn't know you had a blog! I've just decided to start up a new bookish blog at Blogspot (while still keeping my Random LJ blog). Glad to see you over here.

  2. Hmm - you'll have to let us know what you think once you finish this one. I'm going to set up a link to your blog on mine, if that's ok, and...are you a member of the arm yahoo group? I think so...but not sure. lol!

  3. @ nyssaneala:
    Hi, seems like I've kepy my blog a good secret then, huh? ;-)
    Can't wait to read more on your blog!

    @ kris:
    Yes, I am at ARM, you can just be sure about that :-) Sure, go ahead and set up a link to my blog - and I'll do the same with yours, if that's okay?
    Of course I won't keep my final thoughts on Audition for murder to myself. Will let you know as soon as I'm done.

    Kathrin (now off to read some more in Southern Fried before Audition for Murder)