Thursday, January 11, 2007

Meryl Sawyer - Lady Killer

Lady Killer
Sawyer's 18th book, this time featuring Jesica Crawford, popular relationship expert for the San Francisco Herald
416 pages

Some men...
He preys on a certain type of woman - smart, successful, professional, the kind who doesn't realize how vulnerable she is until it's too late. The last terrifying sight she sees is the face of a ruthless serial killer...

Will charm you...
As the San Francisco Herald's popular relationship expert - the "Love Doctor" - Jessica Crawford has her own opinions about what kind of man is compelled to brutally murder successful women. After the killings begin, she decides to use her nationally syndicated column to profile this Lady Killer. As the reporter on the story, journalist Cole Rawlings fears that Jessica's articles may make her the next victim. He's seen up close what this man is capable of and soon, so has Jessica... because the latest victim is her best friend...

... to death
Now, as a ruthless psychopath strikes close to home, turning every corner, every haunt, every connection into something she can no longer trust, Jessica is playing a deadly game with a cold-blooded killer who is already one step ahead...

I really need something fast paced for now, as I've been reading cozies for the past weeks, if not months. I had a few books to pick from after pondering the thought for almost an entire day (I actually started before I had finished Death By Darjeeling ;-) ) and came to the conclusion to try this one. It is a Bookcrossing book, so once I'm done and you're a BCer - feel free to ask me, my ID is oisec.

First sentence:
"Damn, was he good - or what?"

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