Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mary Daheim - Just Desserts

Lines to remember:
"Hey, sweetheart," he called, "you want a piggyback ride on the sofa?"
"Go on, you devil"! rasped Gertrude, though there was a coy edge to her voice. "You think because I'm old, I'm easy?"

Judith McMonigle's B&B is in a slow phase when the Brodie family call and ask to stay for a night with not only breakfast but also a dinner the evening before. At first, Judith is not too happy about that, knowing the family only too well, but she then agrees. Not too far into the evening, Madame Gushenka, a fortune teller, arrives to tell each member of the family their future, but when she collapses all of a sudden, Judith and her cousin Renie soon discover that not much is as it seemed to be.

I finished Just Desserts a few minutes ago and I am really amazed by this first installment of a new-to-me series. One quickly comes to like Judith and Renie and laughs at Gertrude's quirks. Despite this being a cozy mystery, the pace made me really run along the line to keep up with the details of who is who and does what. All in all, I think this was a complex story and a good start into a series. I can only hope this will stay that way.

Rating: B+

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