Friday, January 12, 2007

Meryl Sawyer - Lady Killer

Lines to remember:
[Two journalists talking about smoking.]
"It was a great TV ad that ran here in California, funded by the money the state received from the tobacco settlement. It showed this hot young guy in a bar, smoking. He's having sexy thoughts about this beautiful girl. As she slinks by him, the cigarette goes limb and curls downward."
"The message being smoking makes it hard to maintain an erection."
"Exactly. Men are usually okay until their late thirties or early fourties. Then the problem sets in."

A serial killer is on the loose and he is killing smart, successful women - the kind who doesn't realize how vulnerable she is until it is too late. When the actual crime reporter is out for a while the San Francisco Herald's columnist, Jessica Crawford, jumps in and writes a few articles about the serial killer, dubbed the Final Call Killer due to his using a phone cord to strangle his victims, until a replacement is found. Not soon after Cole Rawlings fills in, the Final Call Killer gets Jessica's best friend, a fellow Herald employee.

What really got on my nerves while reading the book was the poor editing. I'm by no means an expert on language or grammar, especially not when it comes to English, but there were mistakes that were just too obvious. Granted, this is only the editing, and therefore I decided that it is not the author's fault. Since I enjoyed the plot a lot I kept reading and just couldn't stop until I was done.

This is definitely a fast paced thriller with some interesting characters, though at some places, it seemed as if aspects were added only to lengthen the story - and maybe in parts for character development. Various references to a well-known FBI profiler (I have to admit I have one of his books on my shelves somewhere ;-) ) made the story even more interesting.

Rating: B

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