Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm in trouble...

I just added more read books to my shelves at my parents and I discovered there is no longer enough room for all my books. They are already sitting in two rows, alphabetically sorted and two shelves reserved for my unreads - and I have no room left.

That is, technically, I could make some room if I threw away some scrap books my Granddad made way back - but I can't do that. It's pretty much what's left of him except for memories and a watch he gave me in 2003.

I suppose I could also add some books to my BC shelf, but then, I'm sure a year after I got rid of a book that way I'd want to re-read it - and not have it anymore... So that's not an option either.

A new shelf would solve my problems for the next year and a half, maybe. My Dad doesn't agree, though. He thinks once I add another shelf (wherever), the house might collapse (don't have faith in our own abilities, have we? :-P).

Now, this is a pretty hopeless situation, I think. Anyone has an idea how to solve the problem? I just can't part with my books!


  1. In my house, when I run out of shelf space, that's when the piles on the floor start! :)

  2. My husband would agree with your dad but I would go for another bookshelf. However, if that doesn't work I make piles. I have piles all over the spare room/library becaue hubby refuses to get me another

  3. The problem with stacks on the floor is that I have some allergies - and cleaning up around the stacks would cause problems at one point with that...
    Also, stacks wouldn't work well with my order ;-) I'm a stickler, when it comes to my books :-P