Saturday, January 20, 2007

book buying for 2007

For 2007 I have made only a few small resolutions - and all of them book related.

One of them was that I would only buy 20 books this year. I mean, I have 120 unread books here, so I don't really need new books, right? And then I could very well use the money for the vacation I am planning for later this year.

Well, I had some time left this afternoon and checked what books I'll need for discussion in 2007 - and I ended up with 17. Plus the two I already bought and paid, and the one I ordered and will pick up in early to mid February, that makes - right, 20! If that doesn't suck, then I don't know... I won't have one single lousy book left to buy just for fun...

I mean, what if I see a book I really, really want to have this very second? Or if I find myself in a mood where I don't feel a bit like trying one of the books I have on my shelves, waiting to be read?

At the moment I'm thinking about boosting the number of books I can buy to 25. This would leave me 5 books I can buy for sheer pleasure. Especially cause of the 20 other books, 19 are for group reads and only one is for pleasure...

I can sure make up for those five by just spending less on junk food, after all ;-) I mean, who needs pizza from the freezer or other food on a regular basis?

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