Friday, January 12, 2007

just how stupid...

... can one single person be?!

I had changed my PIN for my cell phone a while ago because I didn't like the old one - I changed it into something I thought was easy to remember, but never had to use it. Until now! Today the rechargeable battery for my cell was completely empty and it switched off for the first time since I changed the PIN.

Well, I recharged the battery, wanted to switch the cell back on, and there I am. I have to enter the code, know that it isn't the old one, try the one I think it is. Wrong!

Second trial, I try to remember the PIN, think I have it and enter that one - second time around: Wrong! Argh!

Okay, one left to get back to my phone. Shouldn't be so difficult, right? Well, I think, and think, and think... Ah yes, that should be it! I enter the PIN, and - for the third time, it is the wrong one. Argh! Now I have to enter the second code, one that I have no recollection of and which is about an hour from where I am right now and where I will be till Monday.

Argh! I can't live without my cell phone for the next 3 days!!! My last hope is my room mate. If he finds the right papers, he can get me the number and then I have my phone back.

Just how can one person be so stupid?!


  1. Oh, Kathrin! How terrible! It's not easy remembering passwords after awhile, especially if you don't use them frequently. It happens to me with my computers at work because I have to change them so frequently--and it's not so simple as changing one number or letter each time because the passwords can't be similar to the last one used. We're more secure this way, but it sure can be inconvenient! I hope you got it straightened out.

  2. Well, late last night I got a hold of my room mate and he checked for me, so now I have my phone back. That I seriously had to enter the 9 or 10 digit code to get back in is sooo embarrasing ;-)
    I mean, I only changed the old code because it was a date I no longer wanted to remember/use as code. Now I picked a combination I shouldn't forget ;-)

    Sending big thanks to room mate here! :-)