Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sarah Strohmeyer - Bubbles Ablaze

Bubbles Ablaze
Strohmeyer's 3rd book
3rd book featuring Bubbles Yablonsky, hair dresser and journalist in a small Pennsylvania town
309 pages

Bubbles Yablonsky has been summoned. Heeding the call from her boss at the News-Times, she's racing her Camaro toward an abandoned coal mine and a potentially big story. What she finds is the love of her life, Steve Stiletto, knocked unconscious - and another man with a hole in his chest. The bizarre scene will lead the not-so-dumb blonde and her main squeeze straight into the heart of coal country - and a strange conspiracy linked to a cadre of women known as the Slagville Sirens, a local hot spot called Limbo, and a mysterious assassin who wants Bubbles' investigation to go up in flames...

I have enjoyed the series a lot in the past and can hardly wait to get to this third installment. Bubbles crakcs me up with all the crazy things happening to her!

First sentence:
"Looking back, I guess my first mistake was to assume that a rookie reporter could persue both a hot story and a hot sex life."

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