Tuesday, October 27, 2009

three - no, four in one!

First off, thanks so much, LadyTink for helping me out with Dr. Pete. That's indeed his name. I'll send you my giveaway list to pick a book as soon as possible! (Isn't she awesome? Supposed to recover and relax, but here she is finding the name of my werewolf...)

Now, I'm still recovering from the read-a-thon last weekend, and so, apparently, is my poor Google reader. I started the weekend with about 300 unread blog posts (mostly Thursday and Friday's blog posts), but now it constantly creeps past the magic 1,000! I try to read them all, but it will definitely take some time, so bear with me.
The read-a-thon was a real challenge for me this time around, but I didn't fall asleep. Instead, I finished 4 books - which means four more reviews I have not yet written *sigh* That's the second read-a-thon challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I accidentally won two of the mini-challenges. How did that happen? I'm really excited about that because I'm not usually that lucky.

Oh, reading on your blogs, I realized that next week *yikes* starts the NaNoWriMo! Nooooo! I can't do it, it's too soon! I have no idea for a story to write, so it will likely be a desaster like my very first NaNo in ... 2004??? I can't remember. Selective memory is great!


  1. I finally did the dreaded "mark all as read" -- I just couldn't deal with the reader after the Readathon. Congrats on winning the minichallenges.

  2. It usually takes me a few days to recover, too. How fun to win two mini-challenges!

  3. @ Jodie: I'm still shocked. It came so fast! Like a surprise attack!!!

  4. @ Beth: I dealt with the reader somehow. I ended up skimming part of it, but I did read so many blog posts. It was as if I'm scared to miss something LOL
    Thanks for the congrats! I was surprised because I'm not usually good at winning stuff :-)

  5. @ Michelle: Yep, the read-a-thon is exhausting - but sooo much fun! LOL I was excited about the mini-challenges. I hardly ever win anything, so twice was a big, fat thing for me!