Saturday, October 24, 2009

eat to read mini-challenge

Beth from Beth Fish Reads has a fun new mini-challenge this hour!

I have "Honig-Printen", which is in theory a Christmas snack, gingerbread-like with chocolate covering. Delicious!

Then I have muffins with chocolate chips and real vanilla. Haven't eaten a single one yet, but according to my brother's girlfriend they're delicious - as usually! (Yay me! ;-) )

Then I have some oatmeal cookies (wherever they are LOL).

I still haven't prepared the carrots I bought yesterday - or more exactly Mom bought them for me.

For lunch & dinner tomorrow I'll have: chili con carne which my brother is going to prepare while I'm sitting there reading AND giving him instructions (he can't really cook, but wants to cook for his girlfriend as tomorrow is their 6 month anniversary) and then I have quick to prepare package of something called "Steakhouse Pfanne" with meat, vegetables and I'll add some green onions - yummie!

Somewhere around is also some yoghurt.


  1. I haven't eaten very many of my healthy snacks either.

  2. Beth, I'm glad I was not the only one to stick the the unhealthy snacks ;-)