Saturday, October 24, 2009

Read-A-Thon update #3

hours read so far: 4

pages read so far: 162

book of the hour: still (!!!) Undead and Unreturnable by MaryJanice Davidson

minutes spent doing other things: 0

CD of the hour: Ana Free


  1. Austen, Hemingway
    Rushdie, Poe
    If they were here
    I’m sure they’d say hello

    Bronte, Tolstoy
    Thoreau, Albee
    They think you’re swell
    And I agree

  2. Don't get discouraged! You will feel great once you finish it, then maybe read something a bit short to make you feel accomplished!

  3. Yes, I agree, do not get discouraged! Hope all is going well now that we are into the 6th hour of the Read-a-Thon :) Still cheering from Copenhagen, Denmark...

  4. Thanks for the poem, softdrink! Is that one of yours?

    Kailana, thanks! In the end I sticked with it and I'm quite satisfied!

    Louise - thanks a lot for cheering from Copenhagen :-)