Saturday, October 24, 2009

side notes

Thanks to Chris of Stuff As Dreams Are Made On I just heard I'm one of the readers of the hour for the Read-A-Thon. How did that happen?

Chris, did I mention you're my hero? I just love your blog!

Maria wondered how I could have 0 minutes of distraction. My cat's sleeping, the other cat is somewhere else in the house, I'm in my room with music and don't take part in every mini-challenge. Plus, while really, really sad, 13 Reasons Why is a great read. And then, my food and drinks are all right beside me - no getting up or searching needed. One hand reaching out while having my eyes glued to the book works pretty well. Just have to work on my method to not spill any water all over the place!

And with my answer above I almost answered Serena's question as well. Not "no" mini-challenges, but only some, carefully selected mini-challenges. Otherwise I'm indeed dedicated to reading

And my current song:

Now, I'm back to reading!


  1. I am always to impressed with the dedicated serious readers, CHEERS! Love it. I, myself, can say I read one book already. It was 29 pages and some were only pictures but I AM COUNTING IT anyway. KEEP ON! :)

  2. 0 minutes of distraction is amazing! I love SEP too, but I reread my Judith McNaught favorites more.

  3. I wish I had 0 distractions (2 sons, age 7 & 8 and husband that isn't very helpful today!) and I stopped and went to a used book sale. Gotta feed the addiction!

    You're doing a great job, btw =o)

  4. Thanks everyone :-) I love your comments!