Sunday, October 18, 2009

back home from the book fair

I have to come clean about something... You remember my book buying ban, right? Well, so do I. I swear!!!

Nonetheless, I added a couple books to Mt. TBR. Some - most - of them were added because a very generous acquaintance from one of the forums I'm at brought some books :-) They're all in Germany and are related to China in one way or another and I can't wait to read them. (Thanks again, in case you're reading this!)

Then I got an ARC from the Randomhouse booth when they finally opened their "gates". It's a YA book with some magic that will be out in April 2010, so I'll leave you guessing for a bit (I'm not being mean, am I?)

And then I bought (yes, you read that right, I bought, despite the book buying ban - it was the annual Frankfurt book fair after all!) two books (I remember the past years and back then I bought over 10 books): Isabel Abedi's latest (at least for us Germans), Lucian, and Mari Mancusi's Stake This, the second in the series about twins Rayne and Sunshine. Both are YA books and I might even read them for next weekend's 24 Hour Mystery Read-A-Thon!

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