Saturday, October 24, 2009


I never had the chance to meet Dewey. Thinking of this now makes me sad because she was such an engaged blogger. Active to build a community, always there for great book reviews and host to awesome blogging and reading events.
I am always at a loss about how to say what I want to say. In my mind, I have a picture, but "on the paper" it never looks as good.

We all (probably, hopefully) know that she created the Weekly Geeks,an event I never participate in because I'm no good with regular events. Nonetheless, I try to check out some of the blog posts relating to it. It is great, informative and I still meet some new-to-me bloggers through this (however you do this, guys, because I seriously think my Google reader is bursting with blogs I subscribe to!).

The Bookworms Carnival is another of Dewey's babies. The varying themes bring together bloggers all over the world and are educating! If I would check out the Carnival posts regularly, I would end up with an even bigger "want to buy" list than I already have, but it is hard to restrain...

And then, there is the Read-A-Thon. My beloved Read-A-Thon, for which everything and everyone (with the exception of my cats) has to leave me alone, so that I have a quiet, comfortable place to read without any real interruptions (such as work for university). In fact, what I haven't accomplished until an hour before the Read-A-Thon likely will have to wait until after, because I prepare my snacks during that one hour before the Read-A-Thon!

I can't put down how much I appreciate Dewey's work and ideas, her inspiration and passion stays with us, even though she is gone. Rest in peace, Dewey, but know you're missed and we'll keep you in our minds!

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