Sunday, October 4, 2009

Book-buying ban!

I'm afraid, but it is again time for a book-buying ban! My heart is bleeding, but there's no other way. I have been trying to put myself under a ban, but each time I kinda - well, sucked at it.

By now I have 341 books on Mt. TBR with 4 more in the mail and another one pre-ordered. I spend lots of money on books and I don't mind supporting the publishing industry, but it has also kept me from saving up some money for something I've been dreaming of for years already. For a student, it's not always easy to save up money, but I'm determined to do it until next summer. Oh, right, I'm saving money for a vacation. The first in then three years...

Except for the already ordered books, the only books to find their way into Mt. TBR will be Bookcrossing books that I "swap" in virtual book boxes. Oh, well and of course the books I need for university...

Now, if you see me buying any more books, rip them out of my hands, chide me, shout at me - do anything to keep me from buying another book. You have the official permission to do so!


  1. Aha, good luck! I think the longest I went without buying a book (minus school books) was about four months? Except I kept ordering them from Bookmooch. Whoops.

  2. Hey, four months are four months! I think that's really, really great :-)
    The book trading pages are evil...