Sunday, April 8, 2007

challenges - update

It's been a while since I stated that I wanted to do a classics challenge for myself because I wasn't able to join in the "original" one earlier this year (see here).

I finally made up my mind about the date as I didn't want to have my challenges overlap too much.

I will be reading 3-5 classics between July 1 and November 30.

For the TBR challenge I managed to finish three books within the first three month of the year and am already reading the fourth book (Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor), but this book is going rather slow, I'm afraid.

And then there's the non-fiction 5 challenge, which will start in May, so there's not much time left for me to make up my mind about the final list. So far I'm only intended to read Cinematherapy for Lovers as I really want to read this one (I read Cinematherapy for the Soul, which was just great). Otherwise it is pretty much open.

Oh, if you're interested in those challenges, click on the respective label below. There you can find my original post.


  1. I posted a link for your challenge with A Novel Challenge Yahoo group, Kathrin. Depending on how I'm feeling challenge wise come the middle of June, I may join you on this one!

  2. Cool, thanks! Would be fun if I weren't the only one :)

  3. What is your definition of a classic - I may join as a few of my other challenges finish in June :)

  4. I think I can do this one since I have a lot of classics on my other challenge lists. :-)

  5. This is so crazy. I'm thrilled to see you doing this challenge. I wanted to encourage myself to read more classics so I came up with that one for Jan & Feb. Little did I realize when I came up with the idea that I would not, let me emphasize, NOT want to read classics in the winter. I groaned and moaned and just wasn't in the mood. That time of year I want to read mysteries - cozy, comfortable mysteries. Winter is my down time, not a time to push.

    Anyway, I've been thinking I wouldn't do the classics challenge but a mysteries challenge. So what happens - I see a link to classics challenge, follow it and find a blog with the perfect title for a mytery challenge hosting a classics challenge. Did I tell you it was crazy?!

    I want to join your classics challenge and I wash my hands of ever hosting the classics challenge again. YAY! Will be back soon to let you know my choices. Thanks, Kathrin.

  6. BTW, may I post a button or something on my blog that will advertise for your challenge and lead others here?

  7. I'd like to join the classics challenge
    despite the insantiy of doing another challenge, I need the encouragement to keep reading classics--something I have not done regularly for WHILE

  8. @ sally906:
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to your question. If you check's browse function, they will get you an enormous choice of books.
    I also just posted a longer definition in a separate post under the label "classics challenge".

    @ natalie, I'd be glad if you would join in :-)

  9. @ booklogged:
    I know this. I haven't been reading classics since I was at school. I couldn't join your challenge earlier this year because I had some exams, but really wanted to read some. I know myself, I have so many books, without a challenge I would most likely end up failing ;-)

    Will you be doing the mystery challenge?

    Oh, and of course you can post a button or something to advertise for the challenge. Unfortunately, I don't have a clue how to create a good button :-(

    @ think pink dana:
    Glad you're in!

  10. I love designing little buttons. I'll see what I can come up with.

    Yes, I thing I WILL do a mysteries challenge - funner and lighter for winter reading.

  11. Hey Kathrin -

    I'm considering joining you in this challenge, depending on how my other challenges are doing by June!

  12. I want to play too! I was hoping to read a few more classics - Jane Eyre, The Picture of Dorian Grey, and a few others anyway. I'll make a post later on my blog (is there talk of a button?!) and link back when I make it official. That first classic challenge opened my reading eyes to some classics I really want to read and it's always more fun to read along with others.

  13. I've joined your challenge as well :) I couldn't pass this one up. My list is on my blog.

  14. I'm in!

  15. Hey, Kathrin. I'm signing up for this challenge. I have to come up with a list. And welcome to the A Novel Challenge group, too!

    piperoliveravram at yahoo com

  16. Great, Vasilly! Glad you joined :-)

    Just let me know where I can find your list and I will add it to the lists :-)

  17. Hi! Is it okay if I join too? I've never done a challenge AND just started a blog for the first time so I hope I'm doing this right:-)
    I don't have a list of the five books I plan on reading, should I have one or can I just add to the list as I go? Thanks!

  18. Kelly, sure you can join :-) Would be glad to see you join (and of course we're curious what you intend to read!)

  19. Thanks for the welcome Kathrin!

    I came up with a list this morning. Here's my five:

    1) The Mayor of Casterbridge--Thomas Hardy

    2) The Optimist's Daughter--Eudora Welty

    3) Emma--Jane Austen

    4) 1984--George Orwell

    5) The Awakening--Kate Chopin

  20. Kelly, I'll be curious to read your reviews. Especially cause I know only two of the books - 1984 & Emma...

  21. Ignore my earlier comment--I didn't see the dates on this post. I'm in. I need to evaluate my TBR, but I'm sure I can find 3-5 books. I'll probably post my list this evening--thanks for hosting!

  22. Wonderful, trish! Can't wait to read your list :-)

  23. Great, Laura! I'll add the link to the list I'm about to create, okay?

  24. I found your challenge at Yahoo groups-Anovelchallenge. I don't have a blog, but would like to take your challenge. My five will be
    Don Quixote-Cervantes
    Barchester Towers--Trollope
    Our Mutal Fiend-Dickents
    Count of Monte Cristo-Dumas
    Doctor Thorne-Trollope

    That should keep me busy!
    Rachel D.

  25. Thank you Kathrin, for letting me take parrt in your challenge. I will post my books in the file section of Yahoo's A novel challenge.

    Rachel D.

  26. I've just posted a review of my second book, North and South:

  27. I have just finished my final book for this challenge (my fifth book). I read Don Quixote, The Iliad, The Odyssey, Gilgamesh and The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe. There are reviews of them all on my blog.

    Thanks for hosting this challenge, I have really enjoyed my selection of books :)

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