Saturday, April 28, 2007


... I've been gone for the last few days. Classes started again and I haven't even managed to write the review for Lee Harris' The Passover Murder. :-(

But then, at least my classes made sure I won't get out of reading material ;-) My upcoming reads for classes are:

For a class on honor (in literature):
Lope de Vega - Fuente Ovejuna (I'm actually already reading this one, I hope to read at least half of it until Monday.)
William Shakespeare - Macbeth
William Shakespeare - Othello
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing - Emilia Galotti (I already read this one for school, so I hope it will only be a fast re-read.)
Heinrich von Kleist - Die Familie Schroffenstein (I think the English title is "The feud of the Schroffensteins".)

For a class on jealousy:
James Joyce - The Dead (This one's part of Dubliners, I have to read it until Thursday!)
Marcel Proust - A Love Of Swann
Marcel Proust - The Prisoner (Additional because we have a week without that class due to a holiday.)
Marcel Proust - The Fugitive (Additional, same reason as "The Prisoner".)
Heinrich von Kleist - Letters
René Girard - Deceit, Desire, and the Novel: Self and Other in Literary Structure
Stendhal - Red and Black (A friend used to tell me about this book, it was her favorite and now I'll get to read it, yay! - Though, it is rather huge...)
Sigmund Freud - ??? (I don't know the title right now, it's on jealousy, paranoia and homosexuality?.)
Stendhal - On Love
Honoré de Balzac - The Girl With The Golden Eyes
Shoshana Felman - Rereading Feminity

Quite a bit to read, huh? And this is only the list for classes, not my personal want to read's. At least, I have about 3 months for this ;-)

And for those three months I also have a few buddy reads:
Carolyn Haines - Buried Bones
Laura Childs - Shades Of Earl Grey
Mary Daheim - Fowl Prey
Carolyn Haines - Splintered Bones
Laura Childs - English Breakfast Murder
Stephanie Barron - Jane And The Man Of Cloth

Plus 7 challenge books! I might be busy, I assume ;-)

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