Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meg Cabot - Missing: Missing You

Missing You
Cabot's 46th book
5th book featuring Jessica Mastriani, girl with psychic abilities caused by her being hit by lightning
268 pages
Simon & Schuster

Lightning girl all grown-up - the final exciting installment!

All Jessica Mastriani ever wanted was to be normal. But a walk home in a particularly stormy night changed all that. Struck by lightning, Jess suddenly developed psychic powers - and the ability to find anyone, anywhere, dead or alive.

Her newfound talent made her invaluable for the US government, but her work for them took another terrible toll. Now back home, aged nineteen, and with her powers gone, Jess is Lightning Girl no more. Starting again in a new town, intent onfinding a new life, she is less than happy when her ex, Rob Wilkins, shows up at her door,begging for her help in finding his long-lost sister. But how can Jess find anyone - let alone the sister of the man she once loved - when she can't even find herself?

I was on no-book-buying! I mean it! But when I spend some spare time at the book shop and read the first few pages I was hooked and had to get this final installment!

First sentence:
"My name is Jessica Mastriani."

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