Monday, April 2, 2007

reading for 2007 - March update

Here is an update for my TBR list for 2007, with the latest books added and the recently read books crossed off. I doubt I'll be able to read them all, but at least those are the books I haven't read so far, but hope to read some day.

B got book through Bookcrossing
E book is in English
F book is in French
G book is in German
O own the book

001. Douglas Adams: Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (G, O)
002. Dante Aligheri: The Divine Comedy (G, O)
003. Catherine Alliott: The Old-Girl Network (E, O)
TBR challenge?
004. Catherine Alliott: Going Too Far (E, O)
005. Kelley Armstrong: Bitten (B, E)
006. Kelley Armstrong: Stolen (B, E)
007. Nancy Atherton: Aunt Dimity Digs In (G, O)
TBR challenge?
008. Nancy Atherton: Aunt Dimity's Christmas (G, O)
009. Nancy Atherton: Aunt Dimity Beats The Devil (G, O)
010. Margaret Atwood: The Blind Assassin (E, O)
011. Jane Austen: Mansfield Park (E, O)
TBR challenge?
012. Paul Auster: Moon Palace (E, O)
013. AVI: Sometimes I Think I Hear My Name (E, O)
014. Stephanie Barron: Jane & The Unpleasantness At Scargrave Manor (E, O)
TBR challenge?; buddy read in August
015. Ann Bauer: A Wild Ride Up The Cupboard (E, O)
016. Charles Baxter: The Feast Of Love (E, O)
017. Mark Billingham: Lazy Bones (B, E)
018. Ulf Blanck: Flucht In Die Zukunft (G, O)
019. Enid Blyton: Dolly Sammelband 5 (G, O)
TBR challenge?

020. Enid Blyton: Dolly Sammelband 6 (G, O)
021. Kate Borden: Death Of A Tart (E, O)
group read in March

022. Rhys Bowen: Death Of Riley (E, O)
023. Rhys Bowen: Evan Help Us (B, E)
024. Ann Brashares: The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants (E, O)
TBR challenge?
025. Lilian Jackson Braun: The Cat Who Could Read Backwards (E, O)
026. Lilian Jackson Braun: The Cat Who Talked Turkey (E, O)
027. Rita Mae Brown: Wish You Were Here (B, E)
028. Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights (E, O)
TBR challenge?
029. Sandra Brown: Alibi (G, O)
030. Bill Bryson: A Short History Of Nearly Everything (E, O)
031. Bill Bryson: In A Sunburned Country (G, O)
TBR challenge?
032. Bill Bryson: The Lost Continent (E, O)
TBR challenge?
033. Gwendoline Butler: Coffin Underground (B, E)
034. Tony Buzan: Use Your Head (G, O)
035. A.S. Byatt: Possession - A Romance (E, O)
036. Laura Childs: Gunpowder Green (E, O)
buddy read in March

037. Laura Childs: Shades Of Earl Grey (E, O)
buddy read in May
038. Tom Clancy: Without Remorse (E, O)
TBR challenge?
039. Harlan Coben: Drop Shot (E, O)
TBR challenge?
040. Patricia Cornwell: Post Mortem (E, O)
041. Robert Crais: The Monkey's Raincoat (B, E)
buddy read in April 2008
042. Thomas D. Cyrol: Baseball (G, O)
043.Mary Daheim: Fowl Prey (E, O)
buddy read in June
044. MaryJanice Davidson: Undead And Unemployed (E, O)
045. Jeffery Deaver: Speaking In Tongues (E, O)
TBR challenge?
046. Jeffery Deaver: The Stone Monkey (E, O)
047. John de Graaf & David Wann & Thomas Naylor: Affluenza - The All-Consuming Epidemic (B, E)
BC bookring
048. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Complete Adventures And Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes (E, O)
049. Eileen Dreyer: With A Vengeance (B, E)
050. Hallie Ephron: Writing And Selling Your Mystery Novel - How To Knock 'em Dead With Style (E, O)
051. Jeffrey Eugenides: Middlesex (E, O)
052. Janet Evanovich: Seven Up (E, O)
TBR challenge?
053. Janet Evanovich: Hard Eight (E, O)
054. Janet Evanovich: Visions Of Sugar Plums (E, O)
055. Nancy Fairbanks: Death A L'Orange (E, O)
TBR challenge?
056. Robert Fate: Baby Shark (E, O)
057. Robert Fate: Baby Shark's Beaumont Files (E, O)
058. Robert Ferrigno: Flinch (B, E)
059. Joanne Fluke: Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (E, O)
060. Theodor Fontane: Frau Jenny Treibel (G, O)
TBR challenge?
061. Frederick Forsyth: Avenger (G, O)
062. Yasmin Galenorn: Witchling (E, O)
063. Tess Gerritson: Body Double (G, O)
064. Tess Gerritson: The Sinner (G, O)
065. Tess Gerritson: The Apprentice (G, O)
066. Rachel Gibson: Simply Irresistible (E, O)
067. Rachel Gibson: Sex, Lies, And Online Dating (E, O)
068. Rachel Gibson: Lola Carlyle Reveals All (G, O)
069. Sue Grafton: C Is For Corpse (E, O)
TBR challenge?
070. Sue Grafton: D Is For Deadbeat (E, O)
071. Sue Grafton: F Is For Fugitive (B, E)
072. Sue Grafton: L Is For Lawless (B, E)
073. John Grisham: The Brethren (E, O)
TBR challenge?
074. John Grisham: The Testament (E, O)
TBR challenge?
075. John Grisham: The Last Juror (G, O)
076. Carolyn Haines: Them Bones (E, O)
buddy read in February

077. Carolyn Haines: Buried Bones (E, O)
buddy read in April
078. Laurell K. Hamilton: The Laughing Corpse (E, O)
079. Lee Harris: The Thanksgiving Day Murder (E, O)
080. Lee Harris: The Passover Murder (E, O)
081. Josef Haslinger: Opernball (G, O)
082. Hergé: Les Cigares Du Pharaon (F, O)
083. Mary Higgins Clark: Loves Music, Loves To Dance (E, O)
084. Mary & Carol Higgins Clark: He Sees You When You're Sleeping (E, O)
085. Linda Howard: Cry No More (G, O)
086. Nicole Hunter. Waiting For The World To End (E, O)
087. India Ink: A Blush With Death (E, O)
088. Donna Kauffman: The Cinderella Rules (G, O)
089. Faye Kellerman: The Ritual Bath (E, O)
090. Harry Kemelman: Sunday The Rabbi Stayed Home (B, E)
091. Jack Kerley: The Hundredth Man (B, E)
092. P.B. Kerr: Children Of The Lamp - The Ashkenaten Adventure (G, O)
093. Jayne Anne Krentz: Hidden Talents (B, E)
094. Erik Larson: The Devil In The White City (B, E)
095. Francois Lelord: Hectors Reise oder Die Suche nach dem Glück (G, O)
096. French Language Learning Mystery: Coups de Feu à Versailles (F, O)
097. French Language Learning Mystery: L'Ombre Sur Montparnasse (F, O)
098. Paul Levine: Solomon vs. Lord (E, O)
099. Robert Ludlum: The Bourne Identity (E, O)
TBR challenge?
100. Katie MacAlister: Sex, Lies, And Vampires (E, O)
101. Katie MacAlister: Noble Destiny (E, O)
102. Anna Maclean: Louisa And The Missing Heiress (E, O)
103. Nick McDonell: Twelve (G, O)
104. Leslie Meier: Mistletoe Murder (E, O)
105. Leslie Meier: Trick Or Treat Murder (E, O)
106. Michael Moore: Dude, Where Is My Country? (E, O)
107. Tara Moss: Fetish (G, O)
108. Tamar Myers: The Ming And I (E, O)
109. Azar Nafisi: Reading Lolita In Tehran (E, O)
110. James Patterson: 1st To Die (E, O)
TBR challenge?
111. James Patterson: The Midnight Club (G, O)
112. Matthew Pearl: The Dante Club (E, O)
113. Nancy Peske and Beverly West: Cinematherapy For Lovers (E, O)
TBR challenge?
114. Jodi Picoult: Perfect Match (B, E)
BC bookring
115. Chaim Potok: The Chosen (B, E)
116. Tracy Quan: Diary Of A Manhattan Call Girl (B, E)
BC bookring
117. Jeanne Ray: Julie And Romeo (B, E)
118. Kathy Reichs: Déjà Dead (E, O)
119. Emilie Richards: Beautiful Lies (E, O)
120. Emilie Richards: Let There Be Suspects (E, O)
121. J.D. Robb: Naked In Death (B, E)
TBR challenge?

122. J.D. Robb: Purity In Death (B, E)
123. Nora Roberts: River's End (G, O)
124. Nora Roberts: Captivated (G, O)
125. Madeleine E. Robins: Point Of Honour (E, O)
126. Hillary Rodham Clinton: Living History (E, O)
TBR challenge?
127. Herbert Rosendorfer: Die Donnerstage Des Oberstaatsanwalts (G, O)
128. Geneen Roth: Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating (G, O)
129. Michele Scott: Murder Uncorked (E, O)
130. Barbara Seranella: No Human Involved (E, O)
buddy read in February

131. Robert Shapero: Wild Animus (E, O)
132. Kerrelyn Sparks: How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire (B, E)
BC bookring

133. Julia Spencer-Fleming: In The Bleak Midwinter (E, O)
TBR challenge?
134. Sarah Strohmeyer: Bubbles A Broad (B, E)
BC bookring

135. Victoria Thompson: Murder On Astor Place (E, O)
136. P.J. Tracy: Dead Run (E, O)
TBR challenge?
137. Peter Tremayne: Absolution By Murder (E, O)
138. Cameron West: First Person Plural - My Life As A Multiple (B, G)
TBR challenge?
139. Tom Wolfe: The Bonfire Of The Vanities (E, O)

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