Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lee Harris - The Passover Murder

When Chris attends a Passover seder at her friend Melanie's, she doesn't expect to get drawn into another murder that happened long ago. But as soon as the seder is over, Chris is being asked to look into the murder of Iris Grodnik, who disappeared from a seder sixteen years ago and was found murdered only a few days later.
Though Chris is at first reluctant, she finally agrees to make one last attempt to find out the truth for Iris's family. Soon Chris discovers that not everyone is telling everything.
When Chris finds an old leather purse in a dusty hall closet, she comes closer and closer to the truth about the murder of adorable Iris Grodnik.

I thought I'd read this mystery during Passover to get a better idea of how other people celebrate this. It was truly inspiring and a wonderful experience. As usually, I was drawn right into the story as Chris and her husband are like god friends to me. This time, there was even some additional drama including Jack's family.

If you like cozy mysteries (and maybe are interested in different holidays), this will definitely be a wonderful series for you. There are, I think, 18 books out so far and I sure hope more will be coming! I already have the next one waiting for me, but I will try to take some more time for this series as I would hate to have those good friends leave me too soon, because there are no more new books (which will eventually happen, I'm afraid).

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