Friday, April 20, 2007

Meg Cabot - Missing You

Lines to remember:
"What about me?" He put his arms around my waist. "Are you always going to know where to find me?"
"Oh yes," I said, grinning back at him.

Jess Mastriani comes back from working for the US government a few years after the last book, but not everything is as it used to be. She's single, she no longer has her psychic abilities, and she doesn't even know who she is.
So she goes to New York City with her best friend Ruth, where Jess attends Juillard, but one day in summer, her ex, Rob Wilkins, turns up on her door and asks for her help in finding his long-lost sister. But how should Jess be able to find anyone with her abilities gone? After thinking about it, she decides to help Rob and again gets into a new adventure.

I can't believe this was the final installment! While I at first didn't enjoy the 1-800-MISSING books too much - at least not as much as I love the Princess Diaries books - I borrowed #2-4 from a friend and came to really love them. I got this book only because I got hooked while reading the first 3-6 pages at the book shop. I had to leave, so I had to make a quick decision - and ended up buying it despite being on a strict book-buying-budget this year. I can't seem to get enough of Jess and her friends, so I guess I'll have to re-read the books again - and then there is still the TV series, which, though it isn't exactly like the books, is still fun to watch.

If you like some paranormal YA every now and then, I can sure recommend this series!

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