Thursday, April 5, 2007

Earlene Fowler - Fool's Puzzle

Lines to remember:
A portable stereo with tiny speakers blasted Van Halen while a leak from the ceiling into a tin saucepan added a percussive zing every few seconds.
[My addition: Benni and her Grandma Dove about Ortiz' behind]
"Dove!" I gently slapped her shoulder. "You're seventy-five years old. You're a great-grandmother, for Pete's sake."
"Which makes me more qualified than you to judge the quality of a man's butt."

Benni Harper, a recently widowed ex-cowgirl, just moved to San Celinas, California where she started working as a folk art museum curator. She is just preparing an exhibition of ancient quilts when she finds a murdered artist at the museum - and her cousin is one of the suspects. Benni sets out to search for the real murderer, getting in the way of the police chief, Gabriel Ortiz. Ortiz thinks she is just a short, sassy cowgirl who should leave detecting to the cops, but you can't keep a cowgirl down. Instead, Benni sets out and discover family secrets, small-town lies and a shocking truth.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit and will definitely keep reading the series, but I am afraid I have to take a rather big break between the first and the following books. Since I don't really know anything about quilting or folk art I had some problems getting into the book at first, but they soon dissolved and I think I will enjoy the next books even more.
Right now it doesn't look like I can get the second book any time soon, but I'll keep this series in mind because I can't wait to meet the characters again. Miss Fowler set an enchanting scene for more murders to come and some interesting characters that leave quite some space to "play" with them.

Rating: B+

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