Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Lee Harris - The Passover Murder

The Passover Murder
Harris' 7th book
7th book featuring Christine Bennett, ex-nun and college teacher in New York
274 pages
Fawcett Gold Medal

Final Questions.

Until someone killed her, the only mystery about adorable Iris Grodnik was why she had never married. But for sixteen years, her strange disappearance and murder during a Passover seder have remained a troubling piece of family history.

Ex-nun Christine Bennett - now married to a New York City cop - reluctantly consents to make one last attempt to find out the truth for Iris's family. However, Christine soon suspects that some of the relatives are not telling her the whole truth...

Then, in the dusty depths of a hall closet, she finds an old leather purse - and her worst forebodings about Iris Grodnik's haunting murder begin to be fulfilled...

I had this book waiting for me and thought it would be fun to actually read it during Passover.

First sentence:
"What I'm really trying to say," my friend Melanie Gross said over the telephone, "is that it's going to be a slightly crazy experience, but I think you'll enjoy it."

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