Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tracy Quan - Diary Of A Manhattan Call Girl

I've tried for almost a month to get into this book, but it just didn't work for me. For some reason, the writing didn't appeal to me at all, so I decided to send it on, as it is a Bookcrossing book ring.

I'm really disappointed because I didn't even get past the first 50 pages. I got stuck somewhere in chapter 2 and whenever I had to decide what book I want to pick up, I never chose Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl. I chose each and every book I had on the small stack of current reads but this one. I assume it either wasn't the book for me or at least not the book for this time.


  1. That's the 50 page rule and I know it well. If the first 50 pages isn't grabbing you, you're pretty much done. I've experienced that about 100 times.

  2. Exactly, Scott! Sometimes it may end up being close to 100 pages, but usually the first 50 pages say it all ;-)

  3. Glad you sent it on its way. I usually read somewhere between 50-100 pages, before tossing a book aside, unless I've heard lots of good things about it.