Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This blog apparently would be R-rater

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I just had to try this and see for myself...

6x murder
3x dead
2x death
1x corpse

And all this makes me R-rated?!? Wow! If I was as old as some people judge me to be (usually about 17, sometimes 20), I wouldn't be allowed to read this book, but I'm the author - insane, if you ask me...

But then - wasn't it Shirley Temple who was allowed to act in the movies, but didn't get to see her movies because she was too young?


  1. Yeah...I ended up NC-17!! I can't believe it. But apparently it has to do with a lot of references to death, murder and suicide. I'm not sounding like a very up-beat person, am I???

  2. No, Stephanie, you're great :) But I think it doesn't help at all when you read mysteries and other "deadly" books and decide to be honest with the reviews ;)

  3. My Masterpieces blog is rated PG - because I plan to read To kill a mockingbird. Wonder what my rating will be once I actually read it?

    Images of The Hague is safe, though (rated G - No bad words were found).