Monday, June 18, 2007

Taken By The Tycoon

Number: 55
Title: Taken By The Tycoon
Author: Kathryn Ross
Started: June 17, 2007
Finished: June 18, 2007
Pages: 112
Genre: romance

Where The Book Came From: I got the "book" from Grandma.

First Sentence: Their looks met across the table at the conference room and suddenly the air appeared to sizzle between them.

Cover Blurb: [translated by: me] On the white beach of Barbados, Nicole wants to enjoy Luke's wild passion one last time. Before he breaks her heart, she has to leave him. She fell in love with the charming millionnaire, but he refuses a relationship...

Reason For Reading: If only I knew... It was there and I needed some light reading, but all of that I had left at home.

Comments: First off, part of the story was a total rip off. Same publisher, different author. Whyever she got through with it.

But then, in the end all those books are similar in a way. Woman meets rich guy, he's not interested in a relationship, she falls in love anyway, tries to break up with him, which he can't stand and therefore pursues her - and realizes he loves her as well. Duh!

Miscellaneous: Part of the story is pretty much exactly like in another book by a different author (I don't remember name and title right now, but could possibly look it up later this week.)

Rating: B- (just because I knew what I was getting myself into)

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