Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fowl Prey

Number: 53
Title: Fowl Prey
Author: Mary Daheim
Started: June 5, 2007
Finished: June 17, 2007
Pages: 230
Genre: mystery

Where The Book Came From: From Mt. TBR, now 139 books high (plus a few I forgot to add to the list LOL).

First Sentence: Oops! I knew I forgot something when I put the book on my shelves at my parents' *blush* Will add it on Thursday morning!

Cover Blurb: Murder Most Fowl

Leaving the Hillside Manor in capable hands, bed-and-breakfast hostess Judith McMonigle heads north to Vancouver's Hotel Clovia with her irrepressibly voracious cousin Renie for a pre-Thanksgiving getaway. But when an addled and impoverished popcorn vendor is murdered - along with his foul-mouthed pet parakeet - a local copper's suspicous gaze settles on the two visiting Americans. The cousins, in turn, suspect one of the 'Sacred Eight' - an odd-duck assortment of glamorous showbiz glitterati currently gathered at the historic hotel. And unless Judith and Renie can pluck a killer from the secretive, star-studded group, their geese will be thoroughly cooked in short order!

Reason For Reading: It was a buddy read with some friends and I also wanted to continue this series. (I'm already anxiously awaiting the date for the buddy read on #3, Holy Terrors!)

Comments: Oh my, what am I to say?! I just love this series more with each installment I read, it seems.

Judith McMonigle has a B&B and she wants to spend the days before Thanksgiving with her cousin Renie in Canada. Of course, where Renie is, there is chaos. It appears to be one of the mysteries that will never be solved. ;)

First off, their reservation is messed up and then they get to stay with old friends of the girls, who are part of the Sacred Eight, a group of theater people. While there were a lot of characters, I have to say I had amazingly few problems keeping the characters straight. It took me only a short time to memorize them and from then on, it was rather easy for me to know who was who, though usually I do have quite a few problems with this...

I enjoyed that Judith didn't just take everything like the "dumb heroine accidentally solving the case". She sticks up for herself! I like independent heroines a lot better than the TDTL heroines.

Favorite Part: I loved it when Angus MacKenzie, the Canadian cop and Judith and Renie *talked*! It was just great! And of course the phone conversation between Judith and Joe *bg*

Miscellaneous: Don't ask me how many homeworks I didn't do just because of this book! LOL

Rating: A-

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