Saturday, June 16, 2007

Good point, Meghan!

Meghan, over at Recreational Reading, wrote a very true entry about those ridiculous, all-revealing titles for romance novels. I mean, I usually only read those books in German (well, except I once got a whole box full of Harlequin romance novels at ebay for a very decent price ;-) ), and when I get the book, I usually add it to my database right away, which means I get to see two titles.

I mean, just today I got a 4-in-1:
Taken By The Tycoon
The Prince's Virgin Wife
Sister Swap
Rebel In Disguise

The German titles in translation would be:
Stormy Nights In Barbados
At The Palace Of Love
Summer Love In The Toscana
Listen To The Voice Of Your Heart

I did mention those are the titles for the same 4 books, right? ;)

I could mention quite a few other double titles that are - interesting at the least! It sometimes really seems as if either the puplisher doesn't want to "waste" much time on the title, or just don't care as long as sales are right.

I mean, no matter how good the writing is, romance novels will never get a better rep when no one manages to really care. It seems as if the publishers are the stepparent to a poor stepchild, the romance novels...

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