Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sister Swap

Number: 57
Title: Sister Swap
Author: Lilian Darcy
Started: June 19, 2007
Finished: June 20, 2007
Pages/Time: 114
Genre: romance

Language: German

Where The Book Came From: it ended up in my family, probably when my Grandma was ill

First Sentence: "Did I understand you right, Mom?" Roxanna asked.

Cover Blurb: [translated be: me] Since Roxanna works at the wonderful country estate in the Toscana, her life is turned upside down. The fascinating Italian Gino di Bartoli courts her so much, she can't resist. But Gino is only looking for an affair - and Roxanna says No...

Reason For Reading: I was in desperate need for some fluff!

Comments: Well, as the English title already says, this book is about a sister swap. Roxanna's twin sister has a problem and can't get back to work in the Toscana, so Roxanna, currently out of a job, goes there in her place.

I usually enjoy those stories set in Italy because the atmosphere there is pretty much unique. You can't find a place like Italy anywhere else on this planet - or that's at least how it seems to me :)

Predictable as romance novels are I had quite some fun reading it and once more didn't get to sleep until I was done (well, maybe it is a good thing I have troubles sleeping at normal times right now ;) ).

Rating: B+

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