Saturday, June 30, 2007

former Sticky Post

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Here are some posts that originally were sticky posts, but they are sooo long I decided to instead only post the links to the posts.

reads for reading challenges

classics challenge - the lists

idea for a series challenge - not before December 2007! - for this challenge neither the time frame nor a proper name has been set, so if you are interested and/or have an idea let me know!


  1. i'm interested why you write in english if you'd never been outside germany? Michael

  2. Why not, Michael? I like the language and most books I read are in English anyway. Plus, most of my friends who would check out my blog don't speak German...

  3. that's the problem for english speaking people who come to germany, which i discovered researching a thriller 'das mephisto-komplott'... like yourself, educated people speak impeccable english that one's faltering german just isn't an effective way of communicating... you should insist on speaking german just to force people to learn the language... afterall hearing Faust at the Schaftspielhaus makes up for all the hard work