Saturday, June 30, 2007

classics challenge - a few additional comments

It was brought to my attention, that I missed some explanations for the classics challenge, so I thought I'd add a few comments now.

Of course, it is okay to use re-reads for the challenge. Don't we all prefer a good classic to one we don't enjoy at all?

And then, if you started a chunkster classic (400+ pages) before July 1st, and you've not yet reached page 50, then feel free to add this one to the list.

Also, if you want to join in, please do so before August 16th (I'm thinking about drawing a "winner" out of those who finished the challenge on time for a little goody).

Then, there's another thing - cross-overs with other challenges: There are so many challenges out there and many signed up with more than one, so of course it is okay if you have cross-overs.

And if you made up a list and find you don't want to read one of the books, you can change that until August 16th as well :)


Just a quick addition: I am still reading, but so many books at a time I don't really see any progress. I hope to finish another book next week or so!


  1. My first book up is going to be 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austin.

    I was forced to read it at school and have seen all the different movies - but now I want to read it because I want to - a big difference :)

  2. Just post the links here and I'll create a list as a sticky post. How about that? :)