Friday, March 2, 2007

Lee Harris - The Thanksgiving Day Murder

When Chris and Jack attend a Thanksgiving Dinner at the Gross's, they don't know this will get Chris into a new case. Mel's uncle's wife, Natalie Gordon, disappeared the year before while they attended the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City when she wanted to get a balloon. Natalie is a rather mysterious woman - the only thing left of her life fits in a cardboard box, and no one seems to know much about her, not even her husband. Who is this woman, and why did she disappear?

I actually enjoyed this book quite a bit, but it was not as good as the previous Chris Bennett mysteries. Somehow the mystery lacked the "heart". Unfortunately, it's been a rather long time since I finished the book, so I can't say much more about the book.

Rating: B+

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