Monday, March 19, 2007

Shirley Damsgaard - Witch Way To Murder

Witch Way To Murder
Damsgaard's 1st book
1st book featuring Abby & Ophelia Jensen, two witches in a small town in Iowa
292 pages

An embarrassment of witches
Ophelia Jensen wishes she was just your typical, thiry-something librarian. Unfortunately, she's been burdened with psychic powers - an unwanted "gift" she considers inconvenient at best and at worst downright dangerous. Her kindly old grandmother Abby, however, has no compunctions about the paranormal, being a practicing witch with unique abilities of her own.

And sometimes the otherworldly arts do come in handy - like when the arrival of a mysterious, good-looking stranger to their normally tranquil corner of Iowa seems to trigger an epidemic of catastrophes, from the theft of bomb-making materials to a murdered corpse dumped in Abby's backyard.

Luckily Ophelia and Abby are on the case and determined to make things right. But it'll take more than magick to get out of the boiling cauldron of lethal trouble they're about to land themselves in.

This book was recommended by a fellow ARMie and when I ordered the DVDs to Grey's Anatomy season 2 part 1, I just added it to the shopping cart!

First sentence:
"Rising panic clenched my stomach."

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